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Biological Foundations

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1. Early craniofacial growth.pdf

2. Genes and development.pdf

3. The biology of skeletal tissues.pdf

4. Development of the face.pdf

5. Development and growth of the neurocranium.pdf

6. Development and growth of the jaws.pdf

7. Development of the dentition.pdf

8. Growth at adolescence.pdf
    Additional information.pdf

9. Cephalometric radiography.pdf
    Additional information.pdf

10. Craniofacial growth.pdf
     Additional information.pdf

11. Remodelling the Dentofacial Skeleton.pdf
     Additional information.pdf

12. Mechanobiology of bone.pdf
     Additional information.pdf

13. Mechanobiology of tooth movement.pdf
     Additional information.pdf

14. Surrogate models of tooth movement.pdf
      Additional information.pdf

15. Extractions in orthodontics.pdf
      Additional information.pdf

University of Otago Registry. First building of the Clocktower Complex, designed by Maxwell Bury in the Gothic Revival style, completed 1879. The clock was not added until 1931. Photograph by Frank Coxhead 1890. Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland City Libraries Ngā Whare Mātauranga o Tāmaki Makaurau; Record ID: 1192-121.